”For All Basketball Lovers”

Flow Basketball Clinic was organized based on our philosophy to “Create a Flow”.
Sotaro Nagasawa being the main MC for WOWOW NBA,
strongly felt the need to share to the younger generation the knowledge, excitement and
passion he experienced from covering NBA action live.
With the help of the clinic staff which followed Nagasawa’s concept,
Flow Basketball Clinic was born.

What we provide


Our coaches are structured with deeply experienced players and ex coaches.
They have experienced the world, played or coached in top level games. With that background,
we provide the best program from beginners to professional players.
Basketball has evolved drastically and is still changing everyday.
It is pivotal to provide players and youth with the latest methods.

Teaching Basketball fit for all ages -young and old
Our coaches



Had early success as a high school player winning the national high school tittle 6 times.
Played as a professional basketball player at Chanson Cosmetics Basketball Team from 1993-2002.
Was known widely as a lethal 3P shooter who contributed heavily for the 7 tittles during the Chanson dynasty era.
Awarded the league 3p tittle 4 times throughout her career.
Selected to the national team from 1993-2002.
Was the core member of the 1996 national team which finished 7th in the Atlanta Olympics.
Retired in 2002 then became assistant coach for Fujitsu Redwave in 2005.
2009 promoted as head coach for the Fujitsu Redwave.

Is the first Japanese female head coach for WJBL. Coached the team until 2011, the team won the league title once, won the All Japan Basketball Tournament title 3 times during her coaching period. (Both as an assistant & head coach)
Her overall coaching status is 59 wins and 42 loses in 101 games.

Player Bio

  • 7 Championship tittles from 1993-1997 for Japan League (Then changed to W League)
  • All Japan Basketball Championship Tittles 1994, 1996, 2000
  • 1996 Atlanta Olympics 7th place
  • All Japan Championship Tournament Best 5 award 2002
  • League 3p Tittle 1995,1998,1999, 2000

Coach Bio

  • 2007 W League Championship
  • All Japan Basketball Championship Tittles 2006, 2007, 2008
  • All Japan Championship 2nd place, 2009

Other International Tournaments Participated

  • 1994 World Basketball Championship For Women (Sydney)
  • 1998 World Basketball Championship For Women (Germany)
  • 1998 World Basketball Championship For Women (China)
  • 1994 Asian Games in Hiroshima
  • 1998 Asian Games in Bankock
  • 2002 Asian games in Busan
  • Asian Women’s Basketball Championship 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001
  • East Asian Games 1993, 1997, 2001